Nobe: The electric car that doesn’t compromise on style

Nobe electric car

According to the Estonian start-up, Nobe, a lightweight, comfortable and compact electric car doesn’t have to be expensive or look generic. And while there’s no word on the final price of this battery powered three-wheeler, it’s big on style with lines evocative of a 1960s Alfa Romeo.

Nobe electric car

Alongside a predicted range of 137 miles and 68mph top speed, the Nobe boasts an interesting ‘reserve tank’ feature; an easily removable back-up battery  recharged from any standard European outlet in about half an hour. This portable battery normally runs accessories in the vehicle, but can also be used to extend range. This novel idea is an answer to range anxiety and scarcity of EV infrastructure.

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When asked about his inspiration for the Nobe, Roman Muljar is clear: “The answer is simple: I wanted to create something long-lasting like a swiss watch. I wanted to create something that works perfectly and would be forever stylish. I wanted to create something that everyone else in your family – as well as all your friends – will want to borrow from you and take out for a spin just to see how it drives.”

An increasing number of small manufacturers are eschewing the rigorous homologation process that surrounds vehicle production by producing lightweight cars. Sub-400kg vehicles can circumnavigate legislative requirements that might otherwise stop a vehicle like the Nobe from ever reaching the light of day. Sometimes referred to as a micro car, a quadricycle is categorised as a vehicle with an unladen mass not more than 400kg (excluding batteries if it’s an electric vehicle) and whose maximum continuous rated power does not exceed 15 kW.

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