Bicycle clock to mark end of British Summer Time

Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating about the end of British Summer Time this weekend, we are giving away a stylish stem clock for your bicycle to mark the occasion.

The clock attaches quickly and easily to the stem of almost any bike. All you need is an allen key (supplied with the clock) to release the existing stem. You then screw the clock in place and you’re done. Never be late again and or risk looking at your phone while on the go.

Win a bicycle stem clock

We have a stem clock to give away. Simply leave a message at the bottom of this page and we’ll pick a winner next week.

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  1. Darren C


    Perfect timing!
    I’m looking to buy a shiny new bike and this will be the the perfect ‘cherry on the cake’ item, much better than a digital readout for a more classic (retro) style!

  2. Stephen


    A fun and useful gadget for my pride and joy!

    Thanks for the opportunity ETA

  3. Gillian Davis


    I really love this clock, super classy and very unusual. ❤️

  4. robert p Griffiths-garrod


    This would come in very handy as i don’t wear a watch and if i want to know the time whilst on my bike, i have to stop and look at my phone.

  5. Jim Woodlingfield


    Would be great as I don’t wear a watch cycling!

  6. Mark Bobbitt


    This would be great as it’s really awkward trying to pull up my sleeve to see my watch while wearing gloves!

  7. Malcolm


    Tick Tock what a beautiful clock!

  8. Richard


    Lovely – I’d put it onto my Pedersen

  9. Hedley


    Yes please

  10. David Curran


    Thanks for this great opportunity. Just not sure if it would go on one of my three bikes, or on my wife’s bike, or on one of my son’s bikes. We might have to fight over it!

  11. Martin


    If I had a Pedersen, I would also put it on but I am not sure where?

  12. John Collier


    “Time is the most valuable currency so spend it wisely”

  13. Peter Clark


    I clocked this prize as soon as I opened the email. Time for a new accessory methinks

  14. Stuart Young


    So you really can stem the flow of time!

  15. Kevin


    Having not been able to cycle for 5 years (following a paralysing condition), the safer roads during Lockdown encouraged me (tentatively) back to the joys of cycling. This seems such a valuable accessory for safer riding. Excellent initiative ETA !

  16. Peter Chisnall


    Very timely!

  17. Eddie Collict


    I rather think this clock would double the value of my bike. Maybe the first clock stolen with the bike left behind.

  18. Boyd


    You can’t beat the clock – tempus fugit

  19. Frank


    Time waits for no one so with this addition to my bike I will have no excuse for being late and can then enjoy the ride:-)

  20. Chris Johnson


    I’m terrible at keeping track of time so this would be more than just a ‘minute’ improvement to my ‘second-hand’ bicycle.

  21. Rory Harkins


    Classy – love it!

  22. Mike Graham


    Great idea, will fit fine on my Audax bike, yes please

  23. Mark


    Very nice and I will never be late on my commute again!



    I’d love to win this beautiful clock,

    It would be useful for timing my laps around the block.

  25. Catherine Goss


    Lovely looking clock. It would be a joy to look down and easily check the time on that stylish clock face as I cycle to work, instead of wrestling with my sleeve and a watch which insists on slipping round to where I can’t see it!

  26. Alastair Seagroatt


    Time goes by so strangely in these days, would be good to get this lovely little bit of order in my life!

  27. David Buck


    Great looking clock i will now know instantly how long each ride takes me.

  28. Steve


    Very innovative product, I hope they’re successful. In these days of digital smart phones, this looks very elegant.

  29. Chris Bromwich


    No time to loose posting this comment, just as the clock wont loose time – hopefully!

  30. Gillian D.


    My head tube cap looks boring now I’ve seen this beautiful clock.

  31. Steve


    This would make a lovely finishing touch to my new bike PLEASE.

  32. Bill


    Hope I’m not too late…..? Fingers crossed!

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