Best bicycle storage ideas when you’re short on space

bicycle loo roll holder

Secure bicycle storage is a perennial challenge for urban cyclists and it can be a stumbling block for those wanting to take up cycling in the first place.

We became so frustrated at the absence of secure on-street cycle parking in our towns and cities that we designed a flatpack fake skip that could discreetly house half a dozen bikes, but thankfully there are more practicable solutions if you know where to look.

biskiple demonstration

Whether you want to keep your bicycle away from the prying eyes of thieves, or simply consider it a work of art worthy of a place on the wall, the Cycloc Endo is for you. Vertical cycle storage can work well in spacious homes, or those with a garage, but probably make most sense at the office (we have them fitted here at the ETA headquarters). The Cycloc Endo features a secure four-point fixing and a wide rubber wheel pad to protect your walls from tyre scuff marks.

cycloc bicycle storage hanger

What’s wrong with keeping your bicycle in the shed?

Assuming you have a shed, thieves now target them specifically for the bicycles within and as a result, many cycle insurance companies now insist on a high level of door lock security. Cycle insurance from the ETA has a sympathetic policy towards keeping bicycle sin a shed; you can use any type of lock to secure the door and the bike doesn’t have to be locked while left inside – although if it’s visible through a window you have to cover it with a blanket or similar. Read more about storage requirements.

Small is beautiful

Like all the best ideas, Clug is simple – a tiny wall-mounted clip that keeps your bike upright to protect walls from scuff marks. The 3D-printed clips cost about £12 and are available in three sizes and a variety of colours.

Clug clip to store bikesClug bicycle storage

Surreptitious cycle storage

How best to convince the rest of your household that storing a bike inside makes absolute sense? We think a surreptitious approach can work. Vadolibero makes a valiant attempt by disguising its handlebar-shaped revolving bike stand as a 5,500 lumen dimmer light, but at £1,725 it’s more expensive than most bikes.

Bicycle stand with light

Our own idea is altogether more affordable. Free loo roll holder anyone?

bicycle loo roll holder

Ethical insurance

ETA cycle insurance has a low excess and offers new-for-old for life – however old the bike, if it’s stolen you get enough to buy a new model.

Every cycle insurance, home insurance, breakdown cover or mobility scooter insurance policy you buy from us helps support the work of the ETA Trust, our charity campaigning for a cleaner, safer transport future. The ETA has been judged Most Ethical Provider 2020 by The Good Shopping Guide.

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