Can you get breakdown cover for bicycles?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even bicycles can break down. Even the shortest journey comes to an abrupt halt in the event of a flat tyre, broken chain or buckled wheel. It’s why over 25 years ago we launched Cycle Rescue  – the first breakdown cover policy for bicycles.

How much does bicycle breakdown cost?

Cycle Rescue costs just £24 per year with no hidden extras to pay if your bicycle suffers a breakdown.

How does bicycle breakdown cover work?

If you suffer a breakdown of your bicycle (including punctures) while out cycling, or are unable to continue due to an injury, our 24-hour Cycle Rescue team is on hand to arrange transport for you and your bicycle to a safe location. If you would prefer to arrange a taxi for yourself, simply send us your receipts and we will reimburse you for the costs (subject to the terms and conditions).

Can I get bicycle breakdown for my cycling trip to Europe?

Yes. If you decide to venture further afield, Cycle Rescue cover includes the rest of Europe for up to 90 days per year. All for only £24 a year – or included free when you buy cycle insurance with us.

I’m new to cycling – do I need breakdown cover for my bicycle?

The Covid-19 lockdown resulted in an unexpected boost to cycling as folk took advantage of quieter roads. Now that commuters are beginning to return to work, many are choosing cycling as a healthy alternative to driving and public transport. Breakdown cover for bicycles is as useful to novice cyclists as it is to experienced riders. After all, who knows when a breakdown is around the corner? And at £24 – equivalent to a single cup of coffee per month – many are deciding that Cycle Rescue provides affordable and welcome peace of mind.

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