This reflective backpack is Notabag as you know it


Whether the new school term – or return to work following furlough – has been a thrilling, or dreaded, experience in your household, the Notabag makes a perfect accessory however and wherever you’re travelling.

As disposable plastic carrier bags edge towards extinction, their place is being taken by a new generation of lightweight reusable bag.  Made from cotton, the Notabag folds into a pouch measuring only 13 x 15 cm, but quickly expands to form either a bag, or , with a quick pull on its reflective straps, a backpack measuring 45 x 65 cm. Whether you’re an old hand or new to cycling, the design is perfect for grabbing a few essentials from the shops.

Win a Reflective Bag & Backpack

The end of British Summer Time might seem like an age away, but the change of season is in the air and evenings are drawing in so we’ve bought one of these reflective bag to give away. To be in with a chance of bagging yourself the prize, simply leave us a message at the bottom of the page telling us what you’d carry in a Notabag and whether you’d prefer your bag in black, blue, mint or yellow. We’ll pick a winner on 5 October.

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  1. DarrenC


    One of these would be great for that pop into town to carry some light shopping, much better than having to walk around the store with a full sized backpack on your back, I would use it for carrying bread, prescription medication and the occasional chocolate/sweet treat.
    Yellow would be my choice – to make me more visible on my bike ride home.

  2. Julie Matthews


    A notabag would be great for easily carrying and protecting purchases whilst walking or on my bike (instead of things being bounced about in my bike basket).
    It looks neat and compact and smart and could also carry a book or sketchbook and packed lunch.
    I particularly like the design with the deep reflective strip – to be seen is so important. I would like blue.

  3. Stephen


    I’d carry the Notabag for trips around town and for small bits of shopping.

    Yellow sounds perfect for my hi viz cycling look.


  4. Gillian


    This looks as though it would be perfect for carrying my stationery, laptop and bits and bobs to lectures. I think I prefer mint please. 😍

  5. CRAIG


    For boring practical reasons, I think black sounds best for me.

    It looks ideal for my lunch box. Nice one ETA.

  6. Anna D.


    My team wears blue, so blue it has to be please if I win. Looks like a nice rucksack, perfect size for my handbag.


  7. Steve


    Mint is the colour and children’s toys and snacks is the game!

  8. Anna


    The blue one pictured looks sweet.

    Just the right size for zipping down to the local corner shop.

    Keep riding everyone and stay safe.

    Thanks for the opportunity eta.

  9. Nicky


    A mint one would be perfect for when the panniers aren’t big enough to bring home the extra set of marking from school! 📚

    • Jim Woodlingfield


      If I won a blue one would be great. I’d use it when bringing the kids back from school if they needed some extra snacks…

  10. Claire


    Mint please

  11. Steve K


    Yellow sounds good for visibility, great for small amounts of shopping or general items

  12. robert p Griffiths-garrod


    a mint one would be great for carrying around for top up shopping when I don’t want to fit the panniers.

  13. Gary


    I’d have gone for a red one but as it’s not on the list, it’ll have to be black.
    I’d use it for beers and pizza obviously!
    Or loo rolls 😉

  14. Chris Bromwich


    I use reusable bags a lot but they are pretty standard and boring but this looks both multi functional and quirky and used as a back pack still leaves two hands for the existing reusable bags – feel like a pack horse anyone.
    Black would be my choice as would match with any other clothing colour schemes!.

  15. Will Bramhill


    Now I work from home I don’t have to lug around a heavy briefcase. This would be ideal for me to carry paperwork, etc — and be seen — while doing short trips by bike.

  16. Richard Scrase


    I’d like to bag this…

  17. Frank Lee


    My D – lock, waterproof, tool kit, lunch box and flask and o/s Landranger map! Any bright colour would be fine 🙂

  18. Peter Clark


    Black for me please. I’d use it to carry the few bits home from the shops as I shop day by day on my bike rather than drive to the supermarket for a ‘big shop’

  19. richard


    the blue looks lovely for when I need to pick up my groceries.

  20. Tracey


    This would be perfect for my swimming stuff now my pool is open or for a little shopping on the way home.

    I’d love this in blue.

    Great giveaway 🙂

  21. Anna Green


    This is just what I need to take out on my bike. I may feel impelled to pass it on to my daughter though. I’d love a blue one!

  22. David Gray


    Nice. Would it convert to a mask too?

  23. Pamela


    Perfect for those little extras that don’t need a pannier – a snack or a bit of shopping on the way home. When in use its reflective. When not in use its neatly folded away. Mint would be great.

  24. Lucy


    Yellow – to give me more sunshine in these dark autumn days!

  25. Em Palmer


    I don’t know if I should be allowed a Notabag in all honesty, it’s too nice for the likes of me….& I have an awful habit of going shopping when I’m hungry and filling my rucksack to bursting, then having to use an over-spill string bag I always have to carry with me….I’ve an old Woolworths shopping basket fixed on the back of my cycle, which is literally dangling on it’s last legs from the weight of the rucksack…..I just can’t understand this weight gain I’ve had during lockdown & since….it’s a mystery!?*

    If I won the bag, there’s a danger I might eat it….blue please!

  26. Mark Bobbitt


    I’d give it to my daughter to carry things to and from college on her bike.

  27. Rory Harkins


    I’m staying evening classes soon, so I’d be great for carrying my books. I think the mint looks good.

  28. Fergus Duncanson


    I’d love one of these in yellow! None of the other colours would go with my black or grey bikes.

  29. Carol W


    Neat idea. Would be handy for any unplanned shopping. Yellow would be fab. Black too and blue 🙂

  30. Su


    What a clever idea! Perfect for on the bike! Blue for me please.

  31. Helen


    Perfect for collecting my kids by bike. They often have extra creations they have made at school/friends’ houses, so this would be the perfect bag to bring them home in. Yellow or blue please.

  32. PeterG


    Looks like a great bag to carry shopping in when riding my bike.
    The reflective strips would be a good safety feature for the dark nights and mornings. Yellow for daytime visibility please.

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