A wearable tent for your self isolation staycation

A wearable poncho tent may look eccentric, but what better way to spend a night under the stars in glorious self isolation? Even if your staycation has to play out in the back garden.

Hikers and cyclists already have the option of wearable waterproof sleeping bags, but the poncho appears to be the first tent that can be worn as an item of clothing.

Travel and the efficiency of our homes have a massive impact on our carbon footprint. As a result, a wearable tent is possibly the most environmentally-benign piece of clothing ever invented.

jakpak wearable tent

The jakpak jacket doubles up as a waterproof sleeping bag

Twentieth century staycation

The covid-19 lockdown has stopped getaways in the short term. However, might it re-shape the way we take holidays in the future? Trips abroad may be replaced by holidays in Britain. And could this new world see a revival of pursuits such as camping and cycle touring? Most people who enjoyed cycling and camping trips in the 1950s could not afford to fly. As with recession-hit holidaymakers of the modern age, they were eco travellers by accident rather than design.

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  1. TheCyclist


    Wear it. Sleepon it,sleep ubder it. What a versatile & brilliant piece of kit for a cyclist, hiker and a camper. I would love one, please. ❤🙏❤🚵‍♀️🚵‍♀️

  2. Peter J S Wright


    been out for years the british army have ponchoosthat turn into tents

  3. D Cowan


    My ,father a retired RSM would make such a tent around us when it suddenly rained whilst we were fishing up in the border region of Scotland.

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