Win a winter jacket for your bicycle

bike parka winter jacket

Autumn is nature’s signal to cyclists that it’s time to dig out base layers, hats, gloves and extra lights. But what about protecting your bicycle from the ravages of winter?

Keeping a bicycle under cover protects it from wet weather and prying eyes, but with urban areas short on garages and sheds, for many it’s easier said than done. When a manufacturer of tents was challenged to address the problem, the result was Bike Parka – a high-quality, fitted water-proof cover for bicycles.

In the way that today’s all-weather cyclists have forgone the traditional cagoule in favour of waterproof, yet breathable jackets, so Bike Parka offers a technical alternative to the basic tarpaulin. Manufactured from rip-stop, the lightweight material used to fabricate sails, parachutes and kites, the Bike Parka features sealed seams, an elasticated fit and a slot through which to pass a lock.

Most bike sizes are catered for by a range of sizes – including kids’ bicycles – and prices start at around £30. See


Win a Bike Parka

We have a Bike Parka Urban in blue worth £40 to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and let us know what type of bike you’d use it to cover.

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  1. Joe


    I ride a Trek dual sport 8.3
    This would be a very handy cover, I like.

  2. Stevo


    One of these would have been perfect for this last week!

  3. craig


    Never tried one of these, but it should be a really premium product, unlike those which some high street chains sell (H*****ds)! 😉

  4. James Harris


    I would use it to cover my mountain bike.

  5. Alison Walker-Hyde


    My husband’s Volt E-Bike

  6. Stephen D.


    My Ribble Audax winter commuting bike deserves such protection PLEASE?

  7. craig


    By the way, my pride and joy is a Marin Larkspur hybrid

  8. David Sheldon


    My Trek crossrip would be snug under a cover like this. It’s like its own hi-viz jacket.

  9. Gillian


    My classic Falcon Olympic.

    Very nice cover.

    THANKS to ETA for the opportunity.

  10. MARK


    Mine is a Canyon Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 and I love it.

    Fingers crossed, it’s not in the bag yet!! 🙂 🙂

  11. John thys


    Snug as a bug

  12. Jill


    My Liv Invite as it let’s me ride through the winter.

  13. Mary Lloyd


    I ride a Trek FX7.4 hydrid. I love it and would really like to look after it during the winter by using this cover! I’m 65 years of age and working towards 3000 miles in 3 years!

  14. Toity


    This would ensure that I look after my Dawes Galaxy better than I look after myself! 🙂

  15. Jane Collier


    My bike deserves to be protected from the elements as much as me!

  16. Allison


    My two bikes can fight it out unless two are available! It certainly beats the impromptu plastic bag over the saddle currently used. My bike with comfort saddle for town is a Navigator 300 Trek. The mountain bike is an Alpha 400 Trek. Seen me through years of good service, they have.

  17. Inge


    My shivery bike would be so happy with this as I have nowhere to store it indoors!

  18. Ben


    My Canyon Commuter and my original 1960s Peugeot three speed derailleur really detest the cold and wet – this would be the perfect solution.

  19. Carol W


    Excellent. Would keep the elements away from my rust-prone bolts.

  20. DP


    My wife’s dutch bike. She hardly rides it so will stop it getting dusty 😉

  21. Joyce Edmond-Smith


    Looks wonderful and just what I need for my E-bike . Great for cover from the elements , but how theft-proof could it be ? It has a lock opening but I would want to use two Gold locks sometimes have to leave it outside

  22. Yasmin Gregory


    I’d gift it to my boyfriend – he could keep one of his bikes in the garden leaving more room in the Sacred Bike Shed for my lovely Liv 🙂 LOL.

  23. Jen


    I’d be covering my trusty hybrid with this.

  24. Joyce Edmond-Smith


    Looks just the thing for my lovely Freego E-bike she needs to be given great care and when she is left outside in the rain and cold – I can’t sleep But need more information – on the question of safety from theft. we are told a gold lock is best – which of courser I use . But I actually choose to use two – no point in making it easier for them . but if only one lock access – where’s the other one ?

  25. Margaret


    I’d like to park a Raleigh Motus e-bike under a Parka!

  26. Susan


    Pretty please 🙏

  27. Richard


    Stop the child complaining about a wet rear

  28. Jim Woodlingfield


    This would keep my commuting boardman hybrid nice and dry.

  29. Tim Earl


    I’m glad it says “Front” at the front …

  30. Pete


    My Specialized Secteur Sport road bike, the vanity project in my collection

  31. Rod Hewson


    My BSA Weekender (1974) would love this cover and so would I

  32. Gary


    My Surly Disc Trucker completed John O’Groats to Lands End in August and got absolutely soaked – so now I think it deserves a nice warm and waterproof coat 👍😉

  33. anna nixon


    My new little folding bike that gets me to and from work

  34. Anna Green


    My Dawes Galaxy needs one of these

  35. Chris


    My bike is a Pashley Pronto. Would be really handy

  36. Jamie J


    Oh Parka, well done… Giant City Escape.

  37. Peter Chisnall



  38. Stuart Kowalski


    It would be used at my place of work to cover any of my co-workers bikes unfortunate enough to be left out in the elements.
    Also my own Scott Speedster

  39. Steve


    Pina Hardtail

  40. Iain Shanks


    Would be good since my employers haven’t got proper bike parking yet.

  41. Darren C


    I would use it to cover my 32 year old Peugeot Crazy Horse mountain bike.
    Also, does the Parka come with a detachable fur edging too?

  42. Greg


    My van nick Amazon would like this at work

  43. Danielle M


    Mine is just a regular mountain bike.

  44. Irene


    This lovely overcoat would cover my trusty Fahrradmanufactur step through bike. Just hope my basket will fit inside! Moving to a new place next week without covered bike storage so this would be fab!

  45. Anthony P


    Wind, rain? Fantastic for my daughter on the west coast of Scotland!

  46. Liz


    I’d use it to cover my 36 year old Coventry Eagle that has been my companion on many a happy cycle tour!

  47. Lucy


    I’d use it for my son’s mountain bike, which he NEVER puts away…!

  48. Kirsty


    My 4 year old Giant Liv bike would be so pleased not to feel so cold and wet in her own Parka!

  49. Andy Brown


    X marks the spot, spot the bike!

    I’d use the tent for my Ridgeback 301 hybrid

  50. Miranda


    My two kid’s bikes that they commute to school on

  51. Chris Bromwich


    Looks good and light to carry.

  52. Jo Bryan


    My Raleigh bike.

  53. Graham Corfield


    I would use it for my Adventure Bike, when I am out and about in my campervan. It will be an ideal cover for the bike at night.

  54. Bruno


    My Condor Agio which hates to get cold and wet…sadly inevitable in the UK!

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