Lycra shorts for cyclists who don’t like Lycra

hummvee cycling shorts

Endura describe their Humvee cycling shorts as mountain bike gear, but we think their appeal is broader.

The shorts feature an adjustable belted waist and Velcro leg adjustment that allows a custom fit, but best of all, they boast a detachable, padded six-panel Lycra liner. On top of that, the Hummvee features two large map pockets, two front zipped pockets, a side cargo pocket and a zipped mobile phone pocket.

  • Made from Teflon-treated nylon with side- zipped ventilation
  • Two large map pockets, two front zipped pockets, cargo pocket and zipped mobile phone pocket
  • Stretch lower back panel and seamless stretch inner leg panel
  • Six-panel Clickfast removable liner
  • Adjustable belt

Win yourself a pair of Hummvee shorts

We have a pair of Hummvee shorts in medium to give away. Simply leave us a message on this page and we will pick a winner next week.

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  1. MARK


    Endura’s products look fab and these would be perfect for my daily 42km commute.

  2. Stephen D.


    Very flexible design, love it!

    Thanks for the opportunity ETA.

  3. Colin


    “For the man who has nothing to hide…….but still wants to…” J.D. in Scrubs 🙂

  4. craig


    Very nice shorts. May stop people referring to me as that “blinking MAMIL”!


  5. Bryn


    Nice shorts! These would look sweet on the trails.

  6. Shaz


    Cool-A much better look than tights!

  7. Steve


    Super stylish shorts for the daily commute and trails.

  8. Chris


    BANGING shorts!!!

  9. Chris


    Cool shorts from a quality brand. I’d love a pair please?!

  10. Stevo


    My riding mates won’t recognise me in these smart shorts!!

  11. Stuart Young


    Lycra shorts for cyclists who don’t like Lycra, for a fat bloke who doesn’t do elegant.

  12. robert p Griffiths-garrod


    yes please – these would really suit me.

  13. Eric Ludlow


    Prize drawers for a prize draw..

  14. Ema


    I am female but I do have a similar pair that were in the ladies’ sections and they are comfortable; more please.

  15. Lance Woodman


    These look great

  16. Darron Hawkins


    Would love a pair of these. An ideal halfway solution between function and form.

  17. Peter Gateley


    Just the right style for my sort of cycling. If I don’t win a pair I might as well buy some.

  18. Steve Green


    Excellent design- good enough to wear even when not cycling.

  19. Alan Sealy


    Humvee…for a cumvee bumvee

  20. steve


    Love to win these – hope I’m on the short-list!

  21. Carol W


    Have the female humvees. Love them. Very comfy.

  22. Tommy Knowland


    Person goes into bar to order a vodka and a whiskey “I’d like a pair of shorts please”

    I’ll get my coat …

  23. Robert Nunney


    They’d do nicely for my daily commute.

  24. Raf


    The broader appeal of these shorts will help reduce the broadening of my backside due to insufficient cycling!

  25. Jamie J


    You won’t catch me sticking around with these teflon-treated nylon beauties…

  26. Pete


    Finally, I could look good in Lycra!

  27. Richard


    What a way to reveal my knees

  28. Fergus


    Great looking shorts, just perfect for me!

  29. Martin Darch


    These look great for cycling and walking! Perfect for me 🙂

  30. Steve


    Currently riding through Northern Spain in a well-travelled and well-worn pair of Endura shorts – they’re perfect for the job – 80km per day, a mix of on and off road. An updated pair would be great!

  31. Kevin Morris


    I never win on the lottery so it would be great to win these excellent shorts

  32. Les Gunbie


    I wear shorts 11 months of the year – these could help me make it all year round!

  33. Rob Lewis


    These shorts will be perfect for those days when spending part of the day on the bike and part sightseeing.

  34. Will


    Just right for a man in his late forty-teens and essential once I turn forty-20 in January.

  35. Mark B


    I’d love to give these a go!



    Would never wear ‘normal’ lycra shorts for cycling, but these I would…

  37. Howard Woods


    Apparently 1 in 5 people are Chinese. There are 5 of us in our family. I’m sure Mum and Dad are not Chinese, and then there’s me, and I’m not. Then there’s Colin and my sister Tzu Chow. Personally I think it’s Colin.

  38. Dave Clarke


    Nice! I’ll keep it short(s).

  39. Malcolm Liddle


    What could be better for protecting the innocent public from the site of my 70 year old rear end on a bike in lycra?!

  40. Mike Croker


    Snappier than their 3/4 length version – good for airing the knees!

  41. David Beacham



  42. Charles Harper


    In short (s), yes please!

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