Rapha summer shorts up for grabs

rapha shorts

Who says cycling gear can’t be practical and stylish? These Rapha summer shorts are made from a comfortable lightweight fabric and feature tailored front pleats, pockets front and rear and a subtle reflective detail.

We have it on good authority that the casual fit gives a flattering fit both on and off the bike.

Win a pair of Rapha shorts

We have three pairs of these turn-up shorts to give away –  in small (waist 69-73 cm), medium (73-78cm) and large (78-83cm) sizes. If you would like to enter our free draw to win a pair, simply leave a comment below and specify which size you’d like.

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  1. Steph


    I’d love a pair please. They look very smart.

    (Large size please)


  2. Craig Young


    Can’t believe I’m a large size on those measurements! Never been large before in anything!! Ralpha must be targeting a slim clientele.

  3. MARK


    These would coordinate very nicely with my classic Bianchi for summer cruising………… 🙂

    Size: L

  4. Bryn


    These look awesome, super chic!
    size: med.

  5. johnny faro


    Also in need of the large, think the folk at Rapha need to look at their size scale

  6. Stephen D.


    These Rapha shorts and some other “high end” brands have a curious sizing system. I am a classic, scrawny cyclist in build, but even I’m a large!! (My wife laughed!).

    (Fine for me, but they must be excluding a significant percentage of the market, which they don’t accommodate).

  7. Paul


    I’d love a pair please. RAPHA is such an amazing brand !

    (Large size please)

  8. Alan Hendrick


    Medium please

  9. Chris Hopkins


    They look super, yes please (Medium size for me)

  10. Michael Potter


    Largely due to donuts whelling along to often with me, I would also need Large if I win these lovely shorts – and roll on the summer!

  11. William Bramhill


    Large please … though your sizing seems very conservative!

  12. Lucy


    Yes please! Medium please…

  13. TD


    Small please – that would give me the incentive to keep cycling…..To ensure the shorts still fit! 😊

  14. Gordon Pells


    I would love a medium pair for my tour of France this summer.

  15. Eric Ludlow


    Ye gods! Just worked out that “large” equates to 32-34 inch waist! Still, it’s a good target…. large please😊

  16. Steve


    Very stylish! Especially in a large size (please).

  17. Fergus


    Classy! I’d like a pair of medium ones.

  18. Raphael


    Love Rapha stuff, the design is great and a luxury to have your own name sewed on 😉
    Medium if any luck please

  19. Marian


    It’d be the only way I can afford such a great garment

    Small indeed

  20. Peter Clark


    Large. I’m generally a medium in shorts. I’ll practice breathing in

  21. Douglas Milsom


    I’m not shy about showing my knees, so I would love to win a large (73-78 cm) pair.
    [I would have thought that that size would be called medium…..]

  22. David Curran


    I might have to fight for these with my two sons, all three of us would just about fit the medium size, being poor under-fed individuals.

  23. Fred


    Is 32” large? Surely not

  24. Karen


    Love a large pair please!

  25. Richard Scrase


    36″ – Large?

    Proper job

  26. Rob


    I would like size large please, ideally in dark blue or black.

  27. Les Gunbie


    Ooh, snazzy … (Large size of course)

  28. Kathy C


    Can’t resist possibly winning a free pair of shorts. Sizes seem quite small but will go for medium. Is grey the colour choice? shouldn’t be fussy when they’re free.

  29. Mark B


    I guess that makes me a large then.

  30. Gavin


    Probably a better cut than the ones I get from ASDA for £12.00. [Large]

  31. Alan Fletcher


    Medium for me ideal for a summer evening jaunt and some Pimms ( other drinks are also available ) .

  32. STEVO


    Medium for me please, nice prize.

    Thanks to ETA for the opportunity.

  33. Bryn Gwyndaf Jones


    I’ve just lost 30% off my weight and 11 inches off my waist and need new shorts badly.
    Size Large please.

  34. Greg


    They’ll fit me!!

  35. Alastair Seagroatt


    Ideal for a warm Scottish summer?

  36. Tim Earl


    Size large 30 – 32″ ? Oh well, I’m a large then.

  37. Chris Arrowsmith


    Lovely, I’d like a pair in a medium!

  38. Greg


    Nice shorts large please

  39. Julian


    Pleats are back ?! Looking forward to double breasted jerseys with optional shoulder pads 😊

  40. Steve


    Classic style, very nice; They’re also versatile and will look fab on my bike and around town.

    Large size would be perfect please.

  41. Craig S


    Looks like I’m large too 😮

    Not bought anything Rapha yet but my friends are raving about their stuff. Help me get on the ladder ETA? 🙂

  42. Dan


    These would be perfect for adding a bit of style to my commute.

    Large for me please

  43. Pete Hughes


    Not sure about the sizing either, would expect to need a medium but if the measurements are correct, I would like a pair in the large size please

  44. Jonathan Hunt


    Nice! Large please. JH

  45. E Dymock


    Medium – to show the world how great my legs are!

  46. Sarah


    I would love a pair of these. They would need to be a large size.

  47. David Shaw


    Large please, cheers!

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