Ventoux Unsaddled

ventoux unsaddled

The belief that a cyclist should remain seated during a climb might be commonly held, but it’s conventional wisdom that Rob Holden was unwilling to leave unchallenged. If his name rings a bell,  you may be already familiar with his two-wheeled adventures – like the time he rented a Boris Bike, rode it up Mont Ventoux in France and returned it to its docking station in London – all within 24 hours.

Not content with having successfully completed that feat, Rob has attempted another world first; riding to the top of Mont Ventoux in one go, without stopping and without a saddle on the bike.

Take a seat and watch Rob in action.

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  1. Nick B


    Congrats to Rob Holden, only I’m afraid it wasn’t a first. In 2004 I drove down with some mates to ride up from the Sault side. In assembling the bikes the seat bolt cross threaded on my Massi – I either went home or rode up without a saddle!

    • The ETA


      Sounds like an official challenge! Before we pass your message on to Rob, can you confirm that your ascent was non-stop

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