Showers expected across the country

DIY workplace shower hack for cyclists

If your New Year’s resolution is to cycle more, but the absence of a shower at work threatens to stop you commuting by bike, why not build your own workplace shower?

Our own take on the idea transforms a standard loo into a fully-functioning hot water shower. The design combines an upcycled plasterer’s bucket, chair, chin-up bar and plastic curtain to create a functioning shower that can be assembled in minutes. Once finished with, the shower can be packed away just as quickly.

Our idea is tongue in cheek, but the DIY shower illustrates how creativity can overcome a reliance on facilities – in reality, you don’t need a workplace shower at all if you follow a few simple guidelines.

  • The number one rule when cycling to a workplace without washing facilities of its own, is don’t skip a shower before you leave home. When you arrive at work, find a discreet spot and wipe yourself down with disposable baby wipes a flannel (see advice posted in comments below)
  • Cyclists in continental Europe tend to ride their bikes slower when they commute to work – it doesn’t add much to the journey time and you don’t sweat
  • The easiest way to get access to a shower if there are no washing facilities at your place of work is to join local gym
  • It doesn’t solve the problem of getting clean, but keep a supply of shirts at work. Wool stays clean the longest.

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  1. jahews


    Being ethical hardly includes wiping yourself down with disposable wipes.

    • The ETA


      We had in mind the baby wipes that are plastic free and made form 100% bamboo fibre, but you’re right, we should have suggested a flannel instead and we’ve updated the article accordingly

  2. frieda schicker


    There are no such things as disposable baby wipes whatever the manufactureres claim, and they form a damaging part of the fat blockages in our sewage system, as everything sticks to them but they DONT dissolve, so a wipe down with a flannel, which you can rinse is the way to go.

    • The ETA


      The baby wipes we had in mind are plastic free and made from 100% bamboo fibre so they are biodegradable, but you are right that none are suitable for flushing. We far prefer the flannel idea

  3. Briony Baxter


    Really sad to see that you advocate “wiping yourself down with disposable baby wipes” in your article on DIY showers. They are certainly not flushable and not really disposable as they are going to sit in landfill for a looong time. I take a facecloth which has been moistened in water with a couple of drops of an essential oil stirred in eg. lavender, rosemary or tea tree, in a reused sealable plastic bag and have a good wipe down with that. That does the trick and just needs a quick rinse out in the sink after. Back in the bag and use again tomorrow and the next day…..etc

    • The ETA


      You’re right to say that no baby wipes are suitable for flushing, but some are at least made from 100% bamboo fibre so are biodegradable. We far prefer your idea though

  4. Paul Lovatt Smith


    Some of us don’t need a shower. I never did on my 8 mile commute in central london. Just a gentle pace, a change of clothes and a pollution mask.

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