However you travel, this phone case has you covered

Mous iphone case

It doesn’t matter how you travel, your iPhone is at risk of suffering a cracked screen if dropped. It’s the reason British start-up Mous has devised a seemingly indestructible range of smartphone cases.

Mous made a name for itself by dropping phones protected by its cases from 15m cranes and out of helicopters after deciding that slim phones case weren’t that protective and protective phone cases were ugly. The company set out to create a phone case that was extremely protective yet beautifully crafted. Thousands of prototypes later, they launched a crowd-funding campaign – raising over £1m in the process.

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mous iphone case

Win a Mous phone case

We reckon they make a great accessory however you get about and we have one to give away (compatible with iPhones 8/7/6) worth £49.99. To enter the prize draw, simply leave us a comment below.

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  1. Gillian Watling


    Great design, would love to give one a try PLEASE? 🙂

  2. Stephen D.


    Cracked my last phone whilst out cycling with cold fingers. A decent case would be SMASHING!!

  3. Mrs Smith


    Yes please!!

  4. Carol W


    My wee iPhone would love to live in a Mous House (or is it pronounced Moose Hoose!)

  5. Richard Scrase


    Is it waterproof? Funny how my phone likes to seek out water …

  6. Brian


    I’d like a Mous to be lous in my hous

  7. Stuart Young


    If I had a Mous case I’d be the Big Cheese!

  8. Emma Griffiths


    Nearly dropped my phone out of the helicopter arriving at school today! At last a solution.😜

  9. Chris Bromwich


    Looks fantastic and now I have m own phone instead of a company phone i would really like to give this a try.

  10. Les Gunbie


    Bet I could break it!

  11. Mikhail


    Looks like a great case

  12. Steve K


    Yes please!
    Just in case …

  13. Andrew


    Oh go on, just this once, pick me!

  14. Peter Clark


    On my fourth iPhone. Never broken one yet. Help me keep my run going pleeeease!

  15. Peter Chisnall



  16. Susan


    For my granddaughter x

  17. Peter G


    Smart case perfect for my butterfingers

  18. Craig


    Really useful and nice designs too. Fingers crossed it’s my turn.

    Thanks ETA


  19. Chris


    They sound and look fantastic!

  20. Pete G


    I still remember the awful moment when my phone slipped out of my hand… This case would bring so much peace of mind.

  21. Phil


    What a beautiful product. Thanks.

  22. Louisa Radice


    Does the case also fit a Fairphone?

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