Magnetic storage for cycling gear

kitnetik cycling clothes dryer

The two most common questions in Tim Hoyle’s house used to be “have you seen my (enter cycling-related item of your choice here)?” and “Can you please put away your (enter cycling-related item of your choice here)?”

It’s the reason he invented the Kitnetik, a clever magnetic rack that allows you to efficiently dry all of your current running or cycling kit, including your rain-soaked shoes. Powerful magnets make attaching and detaching from steel radiators quick and easy. The result is a neater house whilst drying kit, quicker to store it all away, and it’s all kept together so you shouldn’t loose the bits you currently need.

kitnetik cycling clothes rack

The Kitnetik is on sale at

Win yourself a Kitnetik

We have a Kitnetik worth £40 to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Keith Graham


    Can’t wait to get a soaking and try this out.

  2. Mary Lloyd


    Great idea!
    My son would love these!

  3. Chris Smith


    Looks rather handy (even in the summer heatwave) so I’ll throw my metaphorical hat (helmet?) in for a chance of a win.

  4. Vick


    Nice dry warm kit every time!

  5. Christopher Kubale


    Well thought out drying solution for many applications.

  6. Gary Moon


    Be fantastic to have in the office if I’ve got wet on my commute to work.

  7. Frank


    Just hangin !

  8. Anna Green


    My son would love one of these for his birthday.

  9. Pete


    Great – no more balancing acts and decking gear!

  10. Jim Woodlingfield


    An elegant and efficient solution to drying wet gear.

  11. Laura Turney


    Does it matter how your togs & shoes got all sweaty? Looks super handy for runners too 🤩

  12. L Woodman


    What a great idea

  13. Mark Bobbitt


    This would be great!

  14. Rory Harkins


    Yooooooo! Gimme

  15. wesley


    Super idea.

  16. Peter Clark


    Yes please – I’m in!

  17. matt Blackmore


    My family will thank you for this!

  18. Jane collier


    Ingenious. Such a neat and tidy way to dry clothes!

  19. Glynis brewer


    Attractive in its simplicity. I feel myself really drawn to this!

  20. Roger Birchall


    Cycling kit can be expensive and items can be easy to loose when strewn over every radiator in the house or work, this would solve the problem nicely!!! 👍

  21. Pat Hagen


    I need one of these in my life

  22. Greg


    Majestic magnetism

  23. James Russell


    I remember getting wet. Happened in the days before 7 days a week sunshine. I’m sure we will return to those days at some time. Now where did I put my rain jacket, over shoes, waterproof trousers, etc, etc?

  24. Jonathan Hunt


    Mag-nificent idea!

  25. Dominic Tinner


    For my daily cycle to work at the charity I work for, the Kitnetik sounds ideal. Would love to be in with a chance to win one.

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