The new breeds of electric bicycle

unimoke electric bike

Electric bicycles make perfect sense in the urban environment. Towns and cities in Britain regularly exceed legal limits on air pollution and yet the government does its level best to put people off electric bicycles – not least by barring them from any of the grants that subsidise electric cars. Just as well that electric bike manufacturers continue to work creatively to them as attractive as possible.

Pretty much every category of bicycle is now available with battery assist, plus a few new types.

unimoke pedelec e-bike

Looking like a cross between a bicycle and a Honda Monkey Bike, the Unimoke is billed as a rugged multi-purpose electric bike. All-terrain balloon tyres and a full-length seat look up to tackling potholed streets and perhaps a little light off-roading.

  • Electric Pedal Assist Cycle (EPAC)
  • Speed: 25 km/h (20 mph) pedal assist speed
  • Motor: 250 W max contionous power rear drive
  • Range: 40-45 km (30-40 miles) depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, etc.
  • Price: From £2,200

If all goes according to plan, we’ll have a Unimoke to test in a little over a month so stay tuned for a full test  report.

Why does the Unimoke look so little like a conventional bike? Well, it’s designed to appeal to young, style-conscious urbanites for whom cars hold little appeal.

Significant changes to social-economic conditions and living circumstances are the main factors behind a marked drop in car ownership among young people in the last generation, conclude academics from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) in a study for the Department for Transport.

The researchers found a decline in home ownership and increased higher education participation were among trends that influenced the transport decisions of the young. A preference for young people to communicate online rather than face-to-face was noted as another factor.

unimoke electric bike


If the Unimoke is about lifestyle choices, the Stromer ST-5 is a focussed commuting tool – a bike that makes no secret of it’s intention to replace the need to own a car. It features a host of clever features including keyless start and GPS location in the event of theft, but commuters will be most interested in its 30 mph top speed and 100 mile+ range. For those countries such as Britain whose laws have yet to catch up with these so-called ‘speed pedelecs’, Stromer have included all the features (such as a brake light) necessary to register the bike as a moped. See

Stromer ST-5 electric bike

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  1. Chris


    “It’s” is short for “it is”, it doesn’t mean “belonging to it”. (“it’s intention”).

  2. Matt Hodges


    From the details you give it appears to be illegal to use as a bike in the UK.
    I think to use it on the roads it would need approval as a Moped and would need Motorcycle equipment, Licence and insurance.

    • Julia


      Why? 25 km /h and 250 w look road legal all over the EU to me…

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