Help rescue Britain’s forgotten cycleways

Cycleways in 1930s Britain

Between 1934 and 1940 Britain’s Ministry of Transport built at least 280-miles of segregated cycleways, usually on both sides of the new arterial roads springing up all over the country at that time. In fact, between 1937 and 1940, the Ministry of Transport only gave grants to local authorities for arterial road schemes if they included 9ft-wide cycleways on both sides of the road. The photograph above shows one such Dutch-style cycling facility that was built in Manchester in 1937.

Some of these cycleways still exist, but languish unused because either they are no longer considered part of cycle infrastructure or lie hidden under a few centimetres of soil.

Journalist Carlton Reid and urban planner John Dale launched a successful crowd-funding campaign to see the cycleways resurrected, and now they need a little more of your help to maintain the momentum of this important project.

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