ETA bike market

ETA bike market

We don’t believe that a bicycle needs to be expensive or new. Many older bikes are well made, cheap to buy and have the added benefit of being less attractive to thieves.

We’re great fans of town bikes – a style that’s popular in continental Europe, but largely overlooked here – but pretty much any bicycle, of any age, is a great way to get about…especially in towns and cities. It’s the reason we run second-hand bike markets…with masses of interesting bicycles on sale for less than £100

We’ve been in the bicycle business for over 27 years and everything we sell has been checked over by our qualified mechanic so you can buy with confidence.

Whether you’d like a bike market at your place of work, your college, school or community centre, please get in touch.

An insurance company like no other

Not only are we Britain’s most ethical insurance company, but we also campaign for sustainable transport. Sometimes that means protesting until a school gets the zebra crossing they’ve been refused, or running 60 roadshows this year to encourage people out of their cars, or fixing bicycles for free. Supporting this work is easy – you simply have to take out cycle insurance with us, cover that just happens to be excellent.

Unlike other insurers, we never devalue your bike. And if you ride a carbon bike, rest assured we will never have a cracked frame repaired – we will always replace your bike with a new one. How many other insurers can say that? Find out more

..and it’s not just cycle insurance that we offer. We provide home insurancecycle insurancetravel insurance and breakdown cover  – all while putting concern for the environment at the heart of all we do.

ETA cycle insurance



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