Clever cycle storage up for grabs

kitnetik cycling clothes dryer

The two most common questions in Tim Hoyle’s house used to be “have you seen my (enter cycling-related item of your choice here)?” and “Can you please put away your (enter cycling-related item of your choice here)?”

It’s the reason he invented the Kitnetik, a clever magnetic rack that allows you to efficiently dry all of your current running or cycling kit, including your rain-soaked shoes. Powerful magnets make attaching and detaching from steel radiators quick and easy. The result is a neater house whilst drying kit, quicker to store it all away, and it’s all kept together so you shouldn’t loose the bits you currently need.

kitnetik cycling clothes rack

The Kitnetik is on sale at

Win yourself a Kitnetik

We have a Kitnetik worth £40 to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Gillian Watling


    Perfect for my office after my daily commute!

  2. Gary Moon


    Could have definitely made use of this recently on my commutes to work.

  3. mark


    would be useful for my gym kit and would give me an excuse to have the radiator on all the time #cozy

  4. Sharon Merredew


    I am (magnetically) attracted to this clever idea. It would certainly save me ‘hanging around’ waiting for my cycle gear to dry after a soggy commute.

  5. Vincent


    My wife would love this ;less cycling kit slung about.

  6. Mikhail


    I need this in my office!

    Thanks for the chance!

  7. DougMilly


    A smart design. It would be useful for running kit as well as cycling kit.

  8. Peter Clark


    That moment when you realise you have no idea whether there are radiators in your office.

  9. Rafael Gonzalez


    Got already something similar, but homemade. Time to upgrade 🙂

  10. Huw Thomas



  11. Rory Harkins


    My colleagues would like this much better than me leaving items randomly around the office to dry

  12. Roger Birchall


    Would save me a lot of time trying to find where my Wife has “hid” my recently dried Cycling gear!!! 😈

  13. David Mann


    I want one

  14. Mark B


    Looks great! I’d love one.

  15. Charlotte


    My dad would LOVE one of these!!!

  16. Mike masterson


    My family would really like this!

  17. Pete Gateley


    No more excuses. Kit dry and ready to use again. Great idea.

  18. Plevyadophy


    Hey, where’s mi kittie kit?

  19. Alastair Seagroatt


    A definite plus for my household, winter cycling has taken its toll!

  20. Lance Woodman


    Fantastic design

  21. Stephen


    Clever design, fingers crossed for my chances.

    Thanks ETA

  22. Ema


    Great idea for small spaces

  23. James Russell


    I would quite like one. My wife would love me to have one!

  24. Chris


    Great to put all your wet stuff on as you come through the door before dripping it all over the house

  25. Mark Minion


    Need this so much with our lovely Spring weather

  26. Teresa Mitchell


    Keeps everything together – what’s not to like?

  27. STEVO


    My wife would really love me to win this please 🙂

  28. Craig


    Some people get really hung up about my damp cycling kit in the office……………….

  29. STEPH


    To quote the great bard “‘Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage”:

    Never more true on this neat house tidier!!!!

  30. O Jackson


    Could really do with this today after getting soaked on my commute!

  31. Hol


    I live in England, I clearly need this in my life.

  32. steve


    Love it!! Yes pls

  33. Julia Acklam


    There was a fit lady from Bath
    Who used the cycle path
    To travel each day to work
    Wet through it sends her berserk
    Nowhere to dry, it’s no laugh

    This looks like just the ticket!

    • Guy


      Brilliant 😀

  34. Frank Lee


    It would stop me from hanging around…

  35. Guy


    This is genius, I work on charity cycling events and drying cycling kit is a real headache!
    I’m buying one and I will show all the cyclists on the events I’m on how amazing it is 😀
    Thanks for coming up with it and at such a reasonable cost

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