It’s cold out there – wrap up your bicycle at night

bike parka

Keeping a bicycle under cover protects it from winter weather and prying eyes, but with urban areas short on garages and sheds, for many it is easier said than done. When a manufacturer of tents was challenged to address the problem, the result was BikeParka – a high-quality, fitted water-proof cover for bicycles.

In the way that today’s all-weather cyclists have forgone the traditional cagoule in favour of waterproof, yet breathable jackets, so BikeParka offers a technical alternative to the basic tarpaulin. Manufactured from rip-stop, the lightweight material used to fabricate sails, parachutes and kites, the BikeParka features sealed seams, an elasticated fit and a slot through which to pass a lock.

Most bike sizes are catered for by a range of sizes – including kids’ bicycles – and prices start at around £30 and if you use the discount code SNUG18 this week there’s a 20% discount. See


Win a BikeParka

We have a BikeParka Urban worth £40 to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave us a comment at the bottom of this page letting us know which bike of yours you’d use the cover for and we’ll pick a name next week.

Excellent protection whatever the weather

ETA cycle insurance offers a sympathetic policy on storage. For example, as long as a shed door is locked the bicycles stored within do not require any further security. In addition, the policy covers stolen quick-release components and for added peace of mind, claims are handled in-house. Furthermore, bikes are never devalued, no matter their age. Hardly surprising that The Good Shopping Guide voted us Britain’s most ethical insurance company 2017.

ETA cycle insurance



  1. Al Robertson


    Hello ETA,

    I’d use the BikeParka to cover my unglamourous do everything workhorse bike which lives outside in all weathers. It takes me to shops, work, and has attachments for a trailer and tag along for the kids.

    Keep up the great work on social media!


  2. Richard


    This would cover my child-hauling Dawes Kalahari and keep both mine and the childseat dry – luxury!

  3. Ema


    I would cover my 6 years old Specialized vita! that I love 🙂

  4. David Warnock


    Just the ticket for my touring bike. I’m snug in my tent while my bike huddles under a tree. I’ll no longer have to carry a tree!

  5. Roland Seregi


    I would use it on my daily commuter which is kept on my balcony for overnight 🙂

  6. John thys


    I’d use it on my city bike to keep it as snug as bug in a rug

  7. Polly Burton





    I have had my racing Bianchi for some 20 years now and although I am 73 I still go to races with the bike on the back of the car. This cover would be ideal.

  9. Jon Vamplew


    Bike – dryer – warmer – no ice – no snow – it’s a Parkawrap!

  10. Joyce Edmond-Smith


    I would use it on my wonderful Raleigh Motus Electric bike which has kept me cycling at nearly 80 , but for which I have no decent covered storage and steep steps up to my house

  11. Jamie J


    I think my rusting Saracen Urban Myth would appreciate such intense care…

  12. David


    I have been using a bike cover for a while since the building next door was being demolished and they made so much dust. They are building a new one and make loads of mess plus gives a bit of extra protection not showing thieves what’s underneath. I want a Bike Parka!!

  13. Jill Magee


    I would use it for my wonderful Liv mountain bike that has given me years of great, fun cycling all over the country.

  14. Iain


    Pre-fab concrete garage (the ‘corrosion accelerator’) soon to be demolished. Need bike tent to provide temporary shelter for my cherished, 26 year-old Dawes Mean Street hybrid until new bike palace built. Would be handy to have a spare one too if I ever find myself homeless.

  15. Katherine Oliver


    We share our family house with students who are willing to live without a car in beautiful but polluted Bristol. When they bring a bike instead and park it on our railings, I would offer them use of the Bike Parka.

  16. PG


    Great idea

  17. TD


    This might help ease my bike up the hill and over the Severn Bridge first thing in the morning!

  18. Peter Clark


    My ten year old Specialized hybrid. I’d never take the good bikes out in the cold!

  19. Rod Hewson


    Great weekly news.
    I’d use the Bike Parka to cover for my BSA Weekender which is in pretty good condition for its age and I would like to keep it like that for as long as possible.

  20. David


    My 75 year old neighbour stores her Russian made folding bike under a lean-to behind my garden shed (the shed is already full with seven bikes) – one of these would help keep it in even better shape.

  21. Steven


    My bike would be happier and drier under this and I’d be very pleased to be able to preserve it better

  22. Roger Birchall


    Would really help in keeping the wife’s commute bike from freezing over! Thanks

  23. James


    Looks an excellent idea to keep bike dry would love one

  24. Oliver


    I’d use it to protect the trusty Dawes galaxy which has studded tyres at the moment!

  25. Graham Corfield


    I’d use it to cover my cyclocross bike which ive converted to a tourer. It will be just the job for it when we are out on the tours!!

  26. Judy


    I’d offer it to my daughter who lives and bikes in London to and from work and has to lock her bike up outside each night!

  27. Sue


    Wish I had thought of it!

  28. Mike Croker


    Would cover up Roland (the Road Rat) freeing up a bit more space in my man cave (AKA garage).

  29. Paul Gardner


    I’d love to win one these Bike Parkas.
    I’m a support worker and often have to leave my bike locked up outside for long periods of time.
    This would be a useful bit of kit.

  30. David Hunt


    I’d cover up the beach cruiser bike to save wiping the seat dry for me and my son every time

  31. Steve Ashfield


    Being from the future I’d use it to cover my peddle powered Trek Tesla Hoverbike 9.1 2080 as the internal heating system is broken.

  32. Sal Tuplin


    Fab prize guys… my Claude Butler Urban would love to wrapped up and cozy in this Bike Parka 🙂

  33. Esme Zarins


    I’d use it to cover my bike when I cycle to the allottment.

  34. Peter Chisnall



  35. Matt blackmore


    ETA always keeps your bike covered!!!

  36. Colin


    This would make a great addition to my N+1 inspired bike collection. Thanks ETA!

  37. stephen


    Very nice and well priced as well.

  38. Gillian Watling


    My pride and joy currently resides in my hallway, so this allow me to move it outside and gratify my family by eliminating shin injuries!

  39. Greg


    Nice kit for my bikes when out.

  40. Mark D.


    This would be perfect for whichever of my daily commuting bikes I’m using, it’s my Ribble Audax at the moment in this rubbish weather.

  41. Craig


    My Felt Z85 road bike would just love one of these PLEASE? 🙂


  42. Steve Davies


    Please may I win this for my trusty Marin hybrid, so it doesn’t become a rusty Marin hybrid?

  43. Elspeth


    Lovely Parka for my old Raleigh racer. Shame there’s no fur around the hood though 🙂

  44. christine


    Nice idea, cheaper than a new shed. My old steel Trek daily commuting bike would just love it.

    Thanks to ETA.

  45. Christopher


    Great to protect my bike

  46. greg


    I’d use it on my touring bike

  47. Frank Lee


    I don’t need one as I keep my bike indoors at night – but I have to leave it out when commuting…then it might help deter thieves – but of course no substitute for a D-lock!

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