Driving in France: Licence suspension for those caught using mobile phone

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The French government looks likely to strip motorists of their driving licences when they are caught using their mobile phones at the wheel.

The plan forms part of a range of new measures aimed at reducing road danger including a cut in speed limit on country roads to 80km/h.

Driver’s caught using a mobile look likely to face a three-month suspension of their driving  licence. Currently, drivers in France using a mobile phone at the wheel face a fine of €135 and three penalty points.

However, in common with Britain, increased fines and penalty have not stopped the dangerous habit. In 2015 alone, 300,000 drivers in France were fined after being caught using their phone.

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Driving in France

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  1. Jeff Anderson


    3 month disqual for using a mobile phone, that would certainly do the trick, bring it on

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