Win a wall mounted work stand

wall mounted work stand

Once you have a basic set of tools, a work stand is the next step towards cycle maintenance nirvana. The X-Tools Workshop Prep Stand is adjustable in all directions to allow easy access to every part of your bike and a cam locking lever to ensure you don’t exert too much pressure on your bike’s frame. Best of all for those of us short on space, it’s wall mounted. And if you don’t fancy the spannering, this wall-mounted work stand makes a fine way to simply store or display your bike.

Win a work stand

We have an X-tools wall-mounted work stand worth £55 to give away. To enter the draw simply leave us a message below and let us know what bike you’d use it for.

X-Tools Wall-mounted Work Stand

Adjustable jaws with clearance for cables
Cam locking levers
Adjustable in all directions
Head rotates for storage
The clamp is 450 mm from the bracket

Protection for you and your bike

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  1. Stuart Lamb


    I’d use it on my brand new All City Cosmic Stallion custom build. I could mount this on the external wall of my balcony to do repairs without having to put up a tripod in the limited space there already is!

  2. Ben


    I currently trap my fingers every time I put up my work stand. This will change that!

  3. Stephen White


    I need to take the cranks off a bike for my 3 year old to use as a balance bike- she has outgrown the last one!

  4. Anthony Rogers


    I have many bikes so am unsure which is next due for repair, however a wall fixed stand would help when repairing bikes from the children’s bike club I coach at.

  5. Daz


    I could use this to keep my Airdrop Edit in tip top condition without taking up loads of space

  6. Peter Clark


    My 10 year old Specialized hybrid, the workhorse of my bikes. Not the flashiness of the MTB or the road bike but this one really racks up the miles

  7. John Haywood


    It would stop me putting my back out all the time from leaning over my bike to clean / maintain / repair it!

  8. Dave Nunn


    I’d use the X-Tool wall mounted work stand to keep my trusty Tern Verge x10 off the living room floor to keep my wife happy 🙂

  9. Andrew Scott


    I would put this up in my workshop to keep my hybrid bike in top condition especially during the winter months

  10. Richard Scrase


    Clamp up my Dawes, or brompton, or other Dawes or …

  11. Richard Gregory


    I’d use it my own Shand Skinnymalinky and all the other bikes I get conned into fixing.

  12. David


    For a garage, this would be space saving and reduce the time taken to set up, though you’d have to turn the bike to work on the other side, rather than walk around the stand.

  13. AndyG


    Looks great to put on the garage wall…

  14. Martin Hibbins


    I would use this for my two tandems (hopefully it would be strong enough) as it is even more difficult to maintain tandems than solo bikes without one. Finger crossed….

  15. Eric Ludlow


    Want one!

  16. Lawrence


    I need one of these to do basic servicing and cleaning on my Volt electric bike.

  17. Rory Harkins


    My commuter is getting on a bit and requires lots of tlc, this would be helpful for that

  18. Pete


    That’s a neat bit of kit. It would be just the job for my recumbent my two Dawes hybrids. I’d have no excuse not to carry out that the regular maintenance. Great!

  19. Mark B


    I’d love to take a stand!

  20. Nick


    My wife has recently been nagging me to re-decorate the walls, finally something that even she can stand:)

  21. eddie white


    I have two bikes in regular use a Claud Butler & Mercian. I keep them well maintained, I do have a stand but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth now. My back would really be glad of something like this

  22. Matt


    I would have used it mostly on my old Cube workhorse, which had been heavily upgraded and personalised over the years. Sadly, some oik pinched it 2 weeks ago 😕

  23. Joel


    I’d use it to repair my trusty Carrera Vulcan.

  24. Greg


    On the wall
    It cannot fall
    So I won’t
    A Fool

  25. Jonathan Hunt


    I’m wanted to build a custom hack so I can carry a Brompton bag on my other bike when I switch between the too. Not carrying a rucksack will help my dodgy back. Having one of these on the wall would be a double helping in that regard!

  26. Jerv


    This would be SO great for tweaking my lovely, comfortable, steel framed Genesis Volare 20 which just makes me smile as it speeds 30 miles daily down little country lanes as I commute between Nottinghamshire to Lincoln…. and then a bit more at weekends

  27. Jen


    Great idea, can I win one please?

  28. Roger Birchall


    This would help the wife tremendously
    While cleaning the mud off her mountain bike!!

  29. Przemyslaw


    I would use it for my Ridley x trail and for my sons early rider and my wife’s boardman

  30. Bob Longhurst


    Oh YES. Mounted in our Conservatory, I’ll tell my wife it’s a Hanging Planter. Well that’s another use for it! LOL

  31. Mark Smith


    Raleigh Motus – my new commuting Godsend (yes I know it’s cheating, but have you seen the hllls in Wales?!).

  32. James Russell


    I’d use it on my everyday Ridgeback to clean the accumulated crud of a week of winter commuting. I’d use it on my good Road Bike to make sure it is ready for that Sportive. I’d use it on my wife’s bike to make sure it is in tip-top condition for a tip-top lady. The only bike I wouldn’t use it for is my lads – its only small. But he will need it when he gets older.

  33. Bruce


    I’ve decided to mount my favourite road bike as a piece of art for the living room. I wish.
    I’d actually use it for a quick and easy wash down, clean and lube after CX riding in the forests near home.

  34. VicK


    I’d use it to work on my old, but much loved, Raleigh road bike.

  35. Hollie


    I’d use it to take loving care of my one and only Felt Road bike – it’s seen me through three years already and after taking a couple of maintenance workshops I’m hoping to keep it running for many years to come!

  36. Philip


    Perfect set-up for top maintenance!



    THis would be very useful when cleaning/maintaining my bike

  38. Fabian Acker


    I show primary school kids how to make model wind turbines, as part pf a project to interest young children in engineering as a career. They’re made almost entirely out of wood and cork(!) so as to make them kid-friendly..I’ve can add a mini generator rotor, ie a magnet to the (wooden) windmill shaft, but can;’t find a way of holding the stator. ie a coil of wire, to surround it. Wood and electricity are hard to combine, but a prep stand would help me do just that. (If you want some picture, let me know.

  39. Christopher


    A really handy piece of kit, when adjusting the gears, brakes and for general maintenance.

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