Cycloc Endo bicycle wall storage up for grabs

cycloc bicycle storage hanger

Whether you want to keep your bicycle away from the prying eyes of thieves, or simply consider it a work of art worthy of a place on the wall, the Cycloc Endo is for you.

Vertical cycle storage can work well in spacious homes, or those with a garage, but probably make most sense at the office (we have them fitted here at the ETA headquarters).

The Cycloc Endo features a secure four-point fixing and a wide rubber wheel pad to protect your walls from tyre scuff marks.

The design incorporates a hollow hinge, which accommodates a conventional bicycle lock for a level of security that would dissuade a casual thief. However, to think of the hanger as a way of securing your bike would be to miss the point – it’s a stylish and efficient way to give your bicycle pride of place.

Win your own Cycloc Endo

We have a Cycloc Endo in blue, worth £39.99. to give away. Leave us a message at the bottom of the page and let us know what you’d hang from it. We will pick a winner next week.

cycloc endo bicycle hanger

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  1. Stuart Lamb


    I have a storage cupboard in my hallway that isn’t used and could easily it a bike in this position. I’d hang it in there and make some use of used space

  2. Ruth


    I’d hang my lovely sleek black fuji tourer, which has seen the highs and lows of weather up and down the country, from Manchester, to Leicester, to Glasgow and back home to Manchester again. A purchase inspired by my dear late dad’s love of cycling, I’d love to be able to proudly position this vital piece in my home.

  3. Lewis


    I’d hang this in my hallway under the stairs. Would sure beat the wire hook my commuter bike is hanging from for both aesthetics and function and help keep it hidden from view through the hallway!

  4. Oliver


    I’d hang my nice blue 1980s Dolan bike I’ve been building for the past year.. It would be a lovely wall feature and it might actually get me to finish it! 🙂

  5. Martin H


    Great storage solution – especially at staggered heights that would mean offices could provide ample storage for their staff. Sadly, however this is a design that has got carried away with itself and forgotten its function.

    If I were a bike thief, I’d be away with the frame and back wheel in less than 30 seconds leaving the front wheel hanging. If the lower section incorporated a semicircle loop, it would be possible to secure frame and back wheel using a personal lock, making it awkward to wrestle the front wheel out of the upper hook and at the same time prevent the bike being knocked out of its alignment on the wall by passers-by or other cyclists (note how the bike wavers after being hung).

  6. kath


    I’d hang my 1980’s Claud Butler majestique on it. Then hopefully my other half would finally agree with me that it is not merely a trusty steed but also a thing of beauty worthy of displaying on our walls along wth our other works of art.

  7. David


    I’ve seen this product and it looks pretty sturdy despite its looks.

  8. Mark


    I’ve got a rusty ‘commuter’ bike that lives outside that could do with some love! This is all it’s getting till the headset completely rusts up and it goes in the skip? So make it’s final days special (crying puppy face!) Before it gets put down!

  9. Pete Hughes


    I would hang my best bike in pride of place, it would replace the rickety old bike rack that I’ve been using.

  10. Jasmin Sudworth


    With this handy gadget in my shed, I could make room for a new bike for my boyfriend.. When we both lived in Kent, he would zoom up hills and wait while I pushed my heavy old bike up them. Now he visits me in the mountains of Snowdonia and I zoom up the mountains on my new e-bike, while he has to stagger up behind me, pushing my old lady’s bike! Save his man-pride, please – make room for him to get a decent bike!.

  11. Rick G


    Can squeeze another bike in the garage with one of these.”n-1″ could go up a notch.

  12. Paresh


    I’d hang my trusty 20 year old Pioneer on this, not ashamed of having an old bike!

  13. Nick Rossell


    This looks ideal for my Planet X!

  14. Ema


    Grest solution. Do we know for what sort of bike or weight it is?

  15. Carsten Rosenlund Meilandt


    I’d hang my old Peugeot steel bike. It’s done 4.000 km through Europe with ETA being our travel insurance this summer, so now it needs a rest 😉

  16. Jerv


    I have 4 bikes in our lean to conservatory and one is always in the way whatever you are going – one – and if I won one I would need to buy three more of these – would be ace!

  17. James


    Looks a great idea would love to try one

  18. Lucy


    I would absolutely love to hang my Boardman, my pride and joy, in my garage. A blue Cycloc Endo would be just amazing!

  19. Rory Harkins


    The number of bikes in my garage is about to go from 2 to 4, so I need some help please

  20. Patricia Richardson


    My family have 4 bikes, everytime I visit, like playing chess, which to move. Told him hang them on the wall or ceiling. you can move any bike but dont touch his.
    If I won this would give it him for xmas, and see his precious bike hanging on the wall, of course, fully decorated, like a road.

  21. Peter Clark


    I have three bikes, it’s chaos. I’d hang one of them. Probably the Specialized road bike

  22. Christina


    I’d hang my treasured Sunday and touring bike from a cycloc endo. And would free up limited space in the garage, where I also store my winter fuel – logs.

  23. Peter Chisnall



  24. Brian


    My pride and joy will hang from this in my crowded garage

  25. Francis Voon


    I want one for my small flat.

  26. Phil


    Where’s the catch?!

  27. Leo


    A stylish blue Endo is the perfect complement for the bright orange of my racing recumbent 😀
    Now, where to hang it for maximum effect…?

  28. Owain


    I’d hang it from the rafters in my workshop.

  29. Margaret


    Moving soon and 4 bikes to fit in new smaller house somewhere. Probably would have to buy some friends to go with it but the first bike to benefit would be my lovely retro Ribble.

  30. Lisa lambert


    I would hang my new tcr adv pro one in pride of place in my dining room🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️

  31. Matt


    It would make an effective alternative to the naughty step…

  32. Matt Blackmore


    Bikes obviously, but also maybe…

    Clothes to dry, onions, retro bunting…?!

  33. Greg


    ENDOv by problems, hang up my bike.

  34. James Russell


    All was OK, until my son got his first proper bike. Then my wife decided that she wanted a bike so that they can ride together. And now everyone else is getting a new bike, so I want an N+1 too. We’ll need a new house soon. Or better bike storage….

  35. Richard carruthers


    I’d hang my first road bike love, my specialized diverge :).

  36. PeteG


    What a great neat way to store the pride and joy.

  37. Jean


    I’d hang my daughter’s new bike that she uses to ride to infant school. It is a little too big to fit in the porch now she has moved up to a 20″ wheel size.

  38. Astra


    My commuting bike. Currently my bike goes in the loo in my little shop, this would enable me to shut the door.

  39. Richard


    And not just bicycles, children, pets …

  40. Andy G


    Looks perfect for my bike!

  41. Jonathan Walters


    I have to store my bike, my pride and joy, in my small flat to keep it safe. Having a Cyclo Endo to store my bike vertically near the front door would be convenient for my daily commute and mean I can make room for an office desk in the flat, room that I would not otherwise have.

  42. Lianne


    I would hang my bike in my hallway and it would revolutionise my bike riding as I currently have to have my bike live outside and cover/ uncover it every day to use. It would be great to have a dry home for my bike and not have to always tuck it up for bed!

  43. Deedee


    Have lovely titanium tourer in my dining room which could benefit from being a wall-hung art installation!

  44. O Jackson


    This is just what i’m looking for to store my bike, looks nice as well!

  45. Adrian Mack


    Perfect for the alcove – time for the Billy bookshelves to move on

  46. DougMilly


    I could get really hung up on this great storage solution!

  47. Janice Reid


    I’d use this to store my trek mad one as the garage is jam packed with ‘stuff’. This would help kick start the tidy up!

  48. Janine Walker


    It would be a toss up to proudly display my sleek Kaffenback or my bright orange Pinnacle. They might have to take it in turns. Or I’ll have to buy another so they could hang side by side.

  49. Pete Buckley


    2 Adults and 3 kids…. I need one of these 😉 Am I too late?

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