Tree-borne tent for greener camping

Tentsile Tent

The latest design of tent combines the versatility of a hammock with the comfort and security of a multi-person tent.

A need to save money and the growing understanding that to preserve our environment we should tread lightly when we travel has seen a resurgence of interest in camping. Trips abroad are being replaced by holidays in Britain and a revival of old-fashioned pursuits; camping organisations are reporting record memberships.

The Tentsile is a fully collapsible tent inspired by a spider’s web that is strung between three trees. Having the tent suspended in this way means your night’s sleep is unlikely to be disturbed by uneven or soggy ground. The design will also appeal to appeal tree house lovers of every age.

If you love the idea of sleeping among the birds or simply treading lightly when you travel, this might be the tent you’ve been waiting for.


  1. Jim Clark


    As someone who has worked in conservation most of my life and am still active surveying anything from insects to mammals including plants and birds I don’t buy this as being wildlife friendly.
    Apart from that it’s a most stupid idea, tell me do you plant three trees at a convenient distance then wait several decades for them to grow? do you take a ladder with you to tie the guys to trees at the right height? how do you get into the thing? Do you take a brush cutter and chain saw with you to clear the under storey and any trees that may be in the way? Just take a walk in any wood or forest and see if you can find three suitable trees at the right distance apart with no saplings or other trees growing between them, bet you can’t.

  2. Paul Gibney


    These are great tents. I camped in a friend’s tentsile tent in a forested canyon in the US in 2015. Comfortable like a hammock (and offering better bear safety than a ‘ground tent’), the rain tarp use was optional and as we opted to not use it there were incredible views of the sky. Great aftermarket service too, according to my friend.

    I’m not sure why the article links to a redundant Kickstarter page, when their website shows they have a great range of even cooler tents now:

    Whatever though, I’d recommend trying one out.

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