Pop-up ‘tree house’ unfolds in minutes

pop-up treehouse by tenfold

There’s a popular myth that Britain has somehow lost its engineering expertise. Try telling that to Tenfold Engineering based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

The company has developed a series of highly innovative and efficient folding systems useful in countless applications, the most eye-catching of which are self-deploying buildings. Arriving on site on the back of a large lorry, the buildings unfold into shape in only eight minutes.

All the buildings can be supplied with solar panels for off-grid living and well-heeled garden lovers can even specify the self-deploying tree house as below.

Ethical insurance

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Ethical insurance company 2017


  1. David Beacham


    Why is it on stilts? So it can be used in flood risk zones? ooh just think if it had wheels and could be towed behind your car!

  2. Christopher


    If only there were a version for cyclists.

  3. Elizabeth


    Where’s the tree, in this “tree house”?

  4. Elizabeth Paulding


    Where’s the tree in this “tree house”? Is this the shape of trees to come?

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