Helicopter hotel lands in Britain

helicopter hotel

They have a reputation as being noisy, environmentally damaging and the preserve of the super-rich, but holidaying by helicopter needn’t be any of those things.

A resourceful family from Thornhill, Stirling have transformed a former Royal Navy Sea King helicopter into a remarkable holiday home that sleeps a family of five (2 adults and 3 children) with a double and a triple bed as well as single bed in the tail.

Sea King helicopter hotel cockpit

The helicopter hotel room features a mini kitchen, a shower room and panoramic views from the cockpit over the Carse of Stirling. More info at helicopterglamping.com

helicopter hotel bedroom

The Sea King helicopter weighs in at 6,387kg and has been a workhorse for all three services in a variety of roles. Retired Sea King helicopters are regularly sold by the Ministry of Defence. Those stripped of their engines and avionics sell for between £7,000 and £20,000.

Glamping offers the chance to discover the pleasures of local produce, simple regional cuisine and a slower pace of life. It’s also an excuse to spend the night somewhere unusual; as well as the usual yurts, pods and frontiers-style tents, there are tree houses, boats and even helicopters from which to choose. No surprise then that glamorous camping continues to increase in popularity.


Glamping in Devon aboard ‘Faithful’

Sawday’s is a family-run travel business that specialises in environmentally-friendly holidays. It’s Canopy & Stars website specialises in unusual alternatives to conventional camping such as tree houses, yurts and caravans.


This converted 1950s lorry no longer moves, but is an enchanting place to stay for the night

While eco-aware travellers have the opportunity to offset the emissions from air travel, staying at home means the carbon footprint attributable to long-haul air travel is bypassed. And with one return flight from London to California creating a warming effect equivalent to 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person (roughly one third of the annual carbon footprint of the average European), the environmental savings from a so-called staycation are significant.

Unlike conventional camping, which can be a rather austere affair, those wishing to spend time under canvas today have the choice of spacious tepees, yurts and tree houses that boast running water and flushing loos.

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