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Cycle.land is a bike-sharing platform connects people with a spare bike to those seeking to rent one for as little as 50p per day. A start-up aiming to give a new lease of life to the millions of unused bicycles across Britain by allowing their owners to share them.

If you want to rent out a bike, you simply create a profile, upload a picture of your bike and indicate when it’s available and for how much.

The business is inspired by the sharing economy and the success of Airbnb together with the idea that as a society we should seek more eco-friendly transport.

According to founder of Cycle.Land, Agne Milukaite: “I enjoy bringing people together. Bikes are perfect for connecting people: practical, environmentally friendly and an affordable solution to get around.”

Cycle.land currently has offices in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh and plans to launch in London, Bristol and Brighton before expanding abroad.

Explore the idea in more detail at http://www.cycle.land/

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