The tricycle powered by a chainsaw

Chainsaw tricycle

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but basic engineering skills and a sense of humour can prove just as fruitful.

Georgia Tech student ThisDustIn and his friends took a standard petrol powered chainsaw, removed the blade and welded a sprocket onto the clutch before fitting it to a modified children’s tricycle. The result: a chainsaw-powered tricycle.

This monstrosity is neither safe nor sustainable, but one has to admire its ingenuity.

When bicycle meets chainsaw

When the zombie apocalypse comes, the shortage of fuel will render cars all but useless. We built the zombie-proof bicycle to deal with such an eventuality, and equipped it with a front-mounted chainsaw to lead the charge against the walking dead.

Halloween Zombie bicycle


  1. Simeon


    Interesting as usual but the constantly rewinding image is a pain.

  2. Mary Fisher


    Hear Hear

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