Say goodbye to winter with vintage bicycle lights

vintage bicycle lights

The recent mild weather has made us feel like British Summer Time can’t come soon enough. Of course, it’s not quite time to put away the winter riding gear, but what better way to wave goodbye to wet and cold roads than with a set of classic bicycle lights?

LED technology has spawned a bewildering choice of bicycle lights, the brightness and complexity of which increases by the year.  Thankfully, summer riding offers a chance to escape the lighting arms race and enjoy a little old school illumination.

vintage bicycle lights, retro bike lights

Win a set of retro bicycle lights

We’ve picked out a set of retro lights that we think would be a stylish addition to any bicycle this summer. To enter a free draw to enter a set, simply leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Maxime Pley


    Wow ! Would be perfect for my vintage bike 🙂

  2. Eric Ludlow


    Vintage but good looking owner seeks similar lights….

  3. Paul Sharman


    These lights look a better idea than the barrage of LED lighting featured for off-road riding.

  4. Wai


    Great looking lights, just what I need for my Elephant Bike

  5. Frank Lee


    light lights?

  6. Steve Curtis


    Loving the lights

  7. Charlotte


    These would be the perfect gift for my friend Nana-yaa and her beloved bike Betty!

  8. Patricia


    mmmm great, love the rear light, love the shape, reminds me of a Harley Davidson Bike and all the Chrome

  9. Steve


    A classic night ride retro bicycle light with chrome to show.. old school show & Go 🙂

  10. DougMilly


    Elegant styling (just like me – I wish!)

  11. Inge


    Lovely lights!

  12. Jim Teape


    These would look perfect on my 1959 Viking fixed wheel bike.

  13. Richard Scrase


    Perfect to be placed on my Pedersen

  14. Mark B


    Lovely lights. Yes please

  15. william white


    these lights would look great on any bike

  16. Anna Shakoor-Green


    Like the look of these lights

  17. bozena botul


    I keep reading your emails and trying in spite of not winning anything

  18. Andy G


    I love the look of these lights…

  19. Mike Masterson


    I had one just like the front light when I was younger; would look great on the bike that I’m using for the Eroica Britannia

  20. Iain Maclennan


    These would be perfect for Great Aunt Daisy’s 1950’s Raleigh bicycle.

  21. Peter Clark


    Takes me back!

  22. The next Lance


    Yes please, how often do you see chrome these days?

  23. Spencer Back


    Nice looking vintage lights that would look great on my 1982 steel gitane. Let me win!

  24. Jamie Johnson


    seem like a bright idea…

  25. Keith Petersen


    They would look classy on my Dawes Galaxy!

  26. Greg


    LED there be light
    And there was Light

  27. John Morgan


    These would look lovely on my shiny silver retro road bike…

  28. Christopher


    Beautiful lights

  29. Jaimes M


    My Schwinn (Hornet) beach cruiser would be perfect with these! Just can’t get enough of vintage style! #EssentialBikeStyling

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