Groovy and green: electric VW Camper for hire


The iconic VW Camper van is the archetypal vehicle for the roaming motorist, with a design sturdy enough for traversing country roads in comfort and style. But what if it could be made greener? One company based in North Yorkshire is looking to the past to inspire a more eco-friendly camping future.

Electric vehicle hire and conversion specialists eDub Trips have taken a classic 70s Camper and replaced the engine with an electric drivetrain, resulting in a zero emission vehicle with twice the bHp of a traditional camper van that can do 0-30mph in 8 seconds, all at the same time retaining ample sleeping space for four adult campers.


Mother and son Co-directors Gilly and Kit Lacey first came up with the idea three years ago. After much hard work and perseverance they recently unveiled their first converted camper, named Indie. It has a range of fifty miles and can be easily charged at any electric hook-up, making it a clean and quiet visitor at any vehicle-friendly campsite. Indie is also equipped with a Bluetooth stereo system, dual hob and sink and 12V fridge, and a striking paint job that makes it truly green through and through.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen unveiled their modern day vision of the iconic Camper: The Budd-e. Visually it’s a far cry away from the classic version, and when it does eventually launch, its high spec modular electric platform will undoubtedly be reflected in its price tag, so renting an eDub for your camping trip may offer a much more attractive alternative.


Gilly, who has a PHD in Lithium Ion Battery and Vehicle to Grid Application, and her son Kit are hoping to be able to build more eDubs and in turn provide greener holiday experiences for Britain’s glampers. Their project is currently seeking backing via crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

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