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Bicycle parking need not be a drab affair; Cyclehoop is pioneering practical and elegant bike storage that takes the place of a car parking space.

Aside from the obvious advantages of secure on-street storage for city folk, the reclamation of road space broadcasts a powerful message about the efficiency of cycling in the urban environment.

The car shape acts as a barrier to protect parked bicycles from the cars, boasts an integrated pump and demonstrates how many bikes can be parked in the space that would otherwise be occupied by a single car.


Taking space from cars for cycling makes the environment safer and cleaner for all

The Bikehangar is a communal bike locker that stores up to six bicycles. Featuring a self-lifting door, the steel design protects bicycles from vandalism and wet weather.

Cyclehoop works with local councils to provide a fully managed rental scheme for which local residents pay around £30 a year to use.

If you are interested in renting a space, or prompting your local council to invest, in a Bikehangar visit

Protect your bicycle from £1.85 per month

BIKE MINE might be an innovative approach to tackling theft, but it can’t protect beyond the boundaries of your property. In other words, it can’t replace the need for a good cycle insurance policy. Unlike most insurers, ETA never devalues your bicycle if it’s stolen. It’s just one of the reasons they were voted ethical by the Good Shopping Guide. Get an instant quote here 



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    Will it take a tandem or a trike?

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