Padlock counters quick release bicycle wheel theft

Quick release bicycle wheel theft is an irritating peril of urban cycling.

Quick release bicycle wheels stem from racing, but have become pretty much standard issue on bikes; great news if you routinely break your bicycle down for transportation – not so good if you are targetted by thieves.

Unfortunately, as locks have become stronger, the theft of handlebars, seats, shifters and quick release components has become bread and butter for thieves – who often leave the bike in a shocking state after they have sawn, wrenched or smashed the component free.

British engineer Curtis Dorrington has devised an aluminium padlock to secure quick release wheels and deter opportunistic thieves. The 51-gram aluminium locks cost £25 a pair.

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quick release bicycle wheel theft

Does your cycle insurance cover stolen parts?

ETA cycle insurance covers the theft of parts from your bicycle including wheels – we advise that you secure quick release wheels if you can, but we understand that this isn’t always possible and will cover you against theft. Our standard excess is 5% of the claim value (minimum £25). Read a full list of everything we include in our policy as standard or get an instant quote.



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