The world’s most extreme mobility scooter

The Ziesel is an extreme mobility scooter that laughs in the face of extreme weather and terrain.

Of the 300,000 mobility scooters in Britain, most are surprisingly capable at tackling slopes, curbs and small steps, but occasionally  they do get into difficulty – there is even a breakdown recovery service for mobility scooters. However, it is hard to imagine such a fate befalling the mighty Ziesel, an off-road mobility scooter that would give a Land Rover a run for its money.

ziesel mobility scooter
Fitted with two electric motors and caterpillar-tracks that allow it to tackle almost any terrain, including deep snow, the Ziesel has a top speed of 22mph and a price tag of around £15,000.

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ziesel range
The Ziesel is not the world’s only outlandish mobility scooter. Greathouse Labs are behind a design dubbed ‘Lord Humongous’, a heavy-duty mobility scooter equipped with a flamethrower capable of firing a 10-metre jet of flame – the length of a London bus. With a budget of £645, the scooter was stitched together from a golf cart, a helicopter seat, all-terrain tyres and a collection of old dental machines.

mobility scooter flamethrower

“Lord Humongous” is a mobility vehicle capable of firing a 35ft jet of flame

The ETA’s own QTvan miniature caravan can be towed by mobility scooter. It allows the user to enjoy all the comforts of home on a camping trip, without the need for a car. 

The world's smallest caravan towed by a mobility scooter. London,Britain - 18 Apr 2011

The ETA’s own QTvan can be towed by a mobility scooter for another way to stand out

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