Sign of the times – street furniture goes digital

A new type of digital street sign changes the information it displays depending on the time of day and what is happening in its locality.

Points digital signpost

As ever more people turn to smart phones and sat navs, what of the traditional street sign?

Earlier this month, a sell-off of London’s best-known street signs, including those from Abbey Road and Downing Street, fetched thousands at auction following a decision to re-design the capital’s 20-year-old signage.

However, while the new signs are likely to be easier to follow, there are no plans to use implement the latest high-tech street furniture; Points claims to be the most advanced directional signpost in the world. It uses three digital displays that update and move as everything around them does – as more appropriate, popular, or timely events approach, the menu refreshes its options.

The Points system is not intended to replace street name signs, but rather supplement them; by using real-time data, the digital displays can keep tourists and locals up-to-date with city-related information about local amenities or when the next bus, train or tram will be leave.


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