Illuminated cycling jacket flashes when you slow down

The Sporty Superheroe illuminated cycling jacket has 64 LED lights sewn into its fabric that can light up in different colours to reflect the wearer’s acceleration, braking or banking to make a turn.

The organic cotton jacket can also be made to flash when a call comes in to the wearer’s smartphone.

The Sporty Superheroe jacket forms part of a menswear collection by the Utope Project– a partnership between designer Wolfgang Langeder and stretchable circuit experts Fraunhofer IZM.

Flash jackets

Most of us plump for a cycling jacket that simply keeps out the wind and rain, but it doesn’t stop designers devising increasingly complex features.

Illuminated cycling jackets Hall of fame
The Sporty Superheroe Cycling Jacket

Sporty Supaheroe from Wolfgang Langeder on Vimeo.

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The Speed Vest
American inventor Brady Clark devised a tabard that displays the wearer’s speed on their back in large, illuminated numerals. The Speed Vest forgoes GPS, using instead a sensor on the wheel and a microcontroller that calculates the speed. Mr Clark was curious to know if putting more information in front of drivers might change their awareness of bicyclists. The Speed Vest is not yet on sale, but electronics enthusiasts can build their own using the plans here
TV screen jacket
A jacket that incorporates a 60” LED video display over the body and sleeves paves the way for wearable and interactive bicycle lighting. Such jackets would provide a high-tech alternative to the luminous yellow tabards favoured by some cyclists. The jacket gives off more than enough light for the urban cyclist and the moving images could display messages to other road users. Large flashing arrows be highly-visible turn signal and messages such as ‘too close’, ‘thank you’ and ‘stopping’ would prove useful
Laser jacket
A jacket that emits light from over 100 lasers attached to its front, back and arms could be the ultimate high-visibility accessory for cyclists. Artist Wei-Chieh Shih has no plans to manufacture the jacket, but its ability to illuminate in all directions would make it a highly-effective lighting system for urban cyclists wanting to be seen by other traffic. Conventional bicycle lights illuminate only the road ahead, but the majority of collisions involving cyclists that occur at night happen when a rider is struck from the side.
Built-in indicator lights
This cycling jacket with built-in indicator lights operated by a switch on each cuff was put together with off-the-shelf electronics. The lighting system does not make the jacket cumbersome to wear as the components are lightweight, almost flat and connected by conductive thread rather than wires. Leah Buechley designed the Turn Signal Bike Jacket while teaching an ‘e-textiles’ project at Shih Chien University in Taiwan

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