Car-shaped bicycle racks parked in London

Bicycle parking need not be a drab affair; a car-shaped rack with space for ten bikes, currently being trialled in East London, is a design that is practical, elegant and broadcasts a powerful message about the efficiency of cycling in the urban environment.

The car shape acts as a barrier to protect parked bicycles from the cars, boasts an integrated pump and demonstrates how many bikes can be parked in the space that would otherwise be occupied by a single car.

Tackling street clutter

The car-shaped bicycle rack is one of a range of innovative designs by Cyclehoop Ltd. This includes a retrofit stand that converts existing street furniture into cycle parking, saving councils time and money while also helping to reduce street clutter.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “First and foremost, cycle racks must be practical, but their design should reflect the simplicity and elegance of the bicycles themselves.”

The most robust cycle rack is only as strong as the lock used to secure the bicycle and cyclists are advised to consider a good cycle insurance policy, which can cost from as little as 34p per week.

Park life Unusual cycle parking from around the world
Japanese cities have limited space and cyclists are regularly fined the equivalent of £35 for illegal parking. Tokyo is increasing its parking space capacity with a graceful, high-tech solution; the bicycle is taken by lift and parked automatically and securely.
Who needs a cycle rack anyway? How about a portable, remote-control robot with motorised skateboard wheels that clamps to the nearest lamp post and lifts the bicycle out of the reach of thieves and their bolt cutters?
What do you get a Sheffield stand for Christmas? Hand-knitted cycle rack socks in Canada

Cycle insurance from the ETA includes new-for-old replacement, third party insurance, personal accident cover and if you breakdown, they will even come out and recover you and your bike. More info

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