Cargo bicycles and trikes join London Freewheel

A large procession of Christiana cargo bikes and trikes will join over 50,000 other cyclists on Sunday 5th September on traffic-free central London streets as part of the Freewheel event.

The bikes are being bought in increasing numbers not only by businesses looking for an environmentally-friendly way of bypassing the congestion charge, but by parents looking for a practical and fun alternative to the car for the school run.

Green your school run

When it comes to transporting kids, especially on the school run, there are various different options one sees London city streets.

By far the simplest and most popular is the child seat securely fitted onto the front or rear rack of a bike.

While this is a great and relatively inexpensive option for a single child, it becomes very tricky, cumbersome, not to mention highly uncomfortable, when two or more kids are involved. It also has the added downside of taking up valuable storage space, being fitted typically where a rack or basket for shopping might otherwise go.

Christiania cargo trikes

In Denmark , particularly in Copenhagen, a significant majority of families with two or more kids cycle their little ones around in a very interesting looking tricycle called a Christiania. There is a choice between a standard-sized model, which can fit two to three kids and a longer version, which could fit four very comfortably, and even up to six.

The box where the kids sit is in front, so both the parents and the kids get the advantage of a good view, while the parent can also keep an eye on the kids while safely manoeuvring them about. The alternative option of a trailer that attaches to a normal bike isn’t as comfortable or fun for the kids as they mainly see the cyclist’s bottom in front of them. The Christiania tricycle also has the great advantage over a child seat that there is loads of space for all kinds of shopping, even when fully loaded with kids. In fact, the space is comparable to the boot space in a small family car.

Julia Keller, Family Cycling manager at Velorution, says of the trike: “The Christiania is such a practical, useful, and safe child transport vehicle that most parents who own one can’t imagine life without it. But don’t just ask the parents, the kids rave about the fun cycling experience too, and suddenly there are tons of friends who seem to always want a lift!”

A new electric-assist version of the Christiania makes the tricycle a practical option even for those in hilly areas.

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  1. Andrea


    Velorution has changed ownership and no longer sells Christiania tricycles.

    You can find an up-to-date list of retailers here:

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