The ultimate off-road electric bicycle

It’s not legal on British roads, it costs £3,000 and you have to order it from Switzerland, but the Stealth Fighter electric bicycle is a strong contender for title of world’s ultimate off-road e-bike.

The Stealth Fighter has one gear for pedalling without electric power and another for pedalling with the motor at higher speeds.

A quieter electric bicycle

By doing away with a chain drive the makers of the Stealth electric bicycle claim that their design makes less noise than a conventional bike running on slick tyres.

A rear wheel hub-mounted electric motor does away with the need for a derailleur or chain tensioner and means the bike, unlike chain-driven machines, is almost entirely silent.

The Stealth Fighter electric bicycle Facts and figures
Power 2kW + pedal input
Top Speed 35mph (no pedalling)
Top speed 40mph (pedalling)
Range 35-40km (no pedalling)
Frame ChroMo/ Hi tensile steel monocoque
Brakes 6 Pot and 8 pot Hydraulic 8”
Weight 42kg
Price Approximately £3,000
High-quality components ensure that despite its weight, the bike is able to perform well. Film of the bike lapping conventional bikes on a track

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