Child-shaped bollards help slow traffic

They may look like a new foe for Doctor Who, but child-shaped bollards that give the impression they are about to cross the road are the latest attempt by a council to slow drivers as they pass local schools.

The steel mannequins cost £350 each and have been placed outside Avenue Primary School in Leicester to help enforce a 20mph speed limit.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “Any measure that highlights the importance of slow speeds outside schools is welcome. The danger faced by children is highlighted by the fact that one of these bollards has already been knocked over.”

Road danger – when people take matters into their own hands

Motor traffic can have a devastating effect on quality of life in areas where people live, work and go to school.

When people take matters into their own hands to slow traffic in their community it is sometimes known as ‘guerilla traffic calming’.

DIY traffic calming … at a glance
Balloons Community groups in America place tethered helium-filled balloons in the middle of streets where children play
Cameras Villages in England have built fake speed cameras to slow approaching cars
Concrete New Yorkers created their own curb extensions to slow traffic speeds on corners
Paint A resident in Northern California painted their own zebra crossing when the local authority refused to install one

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