Sweaty cyclists build their own showers for Bike Week

Commuter cyclists with no washing facilities at their place of work are coming up with increasingly imaginative ways of getting clean after their morning ride, the most extreme of which being a shower they build themselves, according to the Environmental Transport Association.

The DIY shower uses items that are readily available on the high street, costs around £50, and once assembled transforms a standard loo into a fully-functioning hot water shower. Once finished with, the shower can be packed away in less than a minute.

Designer of the DIY shower, Yannick Read, said: “The lack of workplace showers is one reason why more people don’t commute by bike – employers should spend Bike Week thinking about what they can do to help.”

No shower at work – how do cyclists manage?

Baby wipes
Many cyclists shower before they set off for work and then when they arrive, wipe themselves down with disposable baby wipes.

Ride slower
Cyclists in continental Europe tend to ride their bikes slower when they commute to work – it doesn’t add much to the journey time and you don’t sweat.

Use a local gym
The easiest way to get access to a shower if there are no washing facilities at your place of work is to join local gym

Keep a supply of shirts at work
This doesn’t solve the problem of getting clean, but bringing five clean and ironed shirts to work on a Monday ensures the commuter cyclist looks smart

A poll conducted on behalf of ilovemybike.co.uk for Bike Week found that over 4 million British motorists would be prepared to cycle more to cut their motoring costs.

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