Taking our Compost Home

It falls to me to ensure that all our company compostable waste gets composted. I take it home. It’s a short walk and our garden can do with all the help it can get.

It made me think that although the ETA is focused on transport we do everything that we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

We print on recycled paper – post consumer waste where we can. We use the latest printing processes to reduce ink and bleaching impacts. Of course, we reuse and recycle. We even reuse our used-paper in our photocopier. Naturally, any personal data is counter-shredded before being recycled.

We use windmill electricity and use natural lighting wherever possible.

All the managers and I walk or cycle to work. And considering that the ETA is based in Britain’s town with the highest car ownership only a third of staff use a car to come to work.

We also have a very family friendly employment policy.

What ever impact remains in terms of climate change we offset. And we have been doing so all this millennium.

Every little helps.

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